Our expertise at NOR.Law

Many years of experience in the legal and tax business have shaped our law firm into one of the most recognized legal and tax law firms in Germany.
We are independent lawyers and accountants. Each personality is characterized by loyalty and dedication to the mandate. As an interdisciplinary law and tax company, we advise on legal, tax and business matters. Creative solutions, entrepreneurial action and the self-conception for self-responsible and technically highly qualified consulting services are offered by NOR.Law every day. Through our established network, we also advise you internationally with our permanent cooperation Partners.


Expertise we keep ready for you in:

For more than 15 years Dr. Thomas M. Nitsche in the out-of-court restructuring of companies, the distressed M & A business and the liquidation of insolvency proceedings for companies and entrepreneurs; Dr. Nitsche has produced the BGH judgment on the liability of the insolvency administrator and published his doctoral thesis on the international group insolvency proceedings already in 2005. NOR.Law is one of the leading law firms for the right of avoidance; Due to his business and legal expertise, NOR.Law is one of the top law firms for the new restructuring concept of the EU Commission.

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Logistics requires special knowledge of the specific rules, laws and customs; We have acquired this knowledge over many years, developed and continued to provide an enriching range of tax and legal services, in particular for the internationally operating company; we are familiar with rail logistics, the railway transport company and the multimodal transport; We secure your goods and good as well as in particular your payment claim as a freight forwarder.

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The internationalization of the retail business and the requirement for the textile industry fair fashion pose special challenges for the textile entrepreneur; NOR.Law has developed special knowledge in the field of tax and law through the long consultation in the textile industry, which creates added value for the Entrepreneur.

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NOR.Law has a long and wide experience in the trading business; Business and legal expertise are essential for the commercial dispute and tax structuring; We have both!

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The finance economy lives fast and internationally; Our expertise focuses on the settlement of cryptocurrency transactions; We have developed a special expertise in bond structuring; We have contacts on international financial marketplaces.

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NOR.Law has the business and legal expertise required by the automotive industry; the supplier of the OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer is under constant pressure for success, delivery and development; We know the wheels and wheels that are to be adjusted successfully for the OEM and the subcontractor; We bring the supplier’s products, which he produces in his own factories, but does not deliver them to the trade himself, making profit to the OEM; We have civil and commercial litigation experience with positive outcome for the Entrepreneur.

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